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$519 1
'Money is not a measure of love 1
000 Annual Interest Rate: 15% Monthly Payment: $1 1
000 as a comparison loan amount 1
000 borrowed! Here again the total interest cost is the total payments to be made (360 x $1 1
000 borrowed. The total interest cost is the total payments (360 months x $599.55 = $215 1
000 borrowed? Or is there something more but which bankers never talk about publicly? Again the example is a $100 1
000 debt over 30 years is $2 1
000 for each $100 1
000 in interest is leveraged by the nominal method into a 30 year debt costing $653 1
000 in interest! (tables to show the data are provided by Tim 1
000 loan repaid over 30 years and at a "nominal" 15% per annum the required monthly payment is $1 1
000 loan requires 18.68 years to pay off based on monthly payments of $1 1
000 loan requires 28.67 years to pay off with monthly payments of $599.55. If the lender uses the nominal method 1
000 loan. If you signed the same document at a U.S. bank 1
000 loan. One is 93% more expensive than the other. The issue is no more or less than that. Nominal Method error is exponential or geometric In the U.S. 1
000 millions of initial capital 1
000 mortgage. Again 1
000 mortgage. If the lender claims that the stated 15% per annum is nominal and not real 1
000 or 98% will be retained by the financial middleman that makes its profit on the spread between interest money collected from borrowers and that paid out to depositors. The use of the nominal method can easily triple or quadruple the inherent profitability of the banking/credit business even after an allowance is made for greater defaults. At a nominal 60% per annum 1
000% and not 180% - a thousand-to-one difference in magnitude? It is precisely analogous (height-wise) to not being able to tell the difference between a child's doll house and the Empire State Building! The concurrent paradox is as to how the bogus “nominal” interest calculation methodology that is prohibited and criminalized in the U.K. under the Consumer Credit Act of 1974 (and multiple U.K. Criminal Code statutes) 1
000% on a payday loan as somewhere between 180% and 850% and virtually no one notices. It is arguably the single most important determinant-in-fact of their quality of life and the masses are looking straight at the Empire State Building and being told that it is a child's doll house. Yet they have no clue even that there is something wrong with the numbers. We have truly been made innumerate. There was one government (or government sponsored) study that I came across related to the payday loan industry where it was suggested 1
000% per annum. It is a fairly simple calculation and easily verifiable.[1] So what is it about the mind that allows us to function in a world where there is no more real determinant of our quality of life than interest generally 1
000) and a fixed monthly payment amount ($599.55) the only way to measure the extra cost in dollars is by the time (and total payments) required to pay off the debt/contract (the amortization period). At a real 6% per annum a $100 1
000) with the result being $115 1
000) with the result being $355 1
000. The effect is absolutely breathtaking. This is no mere technicality 1
01:05AM-01:08AM (3:00) Lil Jon “snap yo fingers” from snap yo fingers (Single) 01:08AM-01:11AM (3:00) Monica “Everytime Tha Beat Drop (feat. Dem Franhize Boyz)” from Everytime Tha Beat Drop (feat. Dem Franhize Boyz) (Single) 01:11AM-01:14AM (3:00) Souljah Boy “speakers going hammer” from speakers going hammer (Single) 01:14AM-01:17AM (3:00) Wiz Khalifa “Black & Yellow” from Black & Yellow (Single) 01:17AM-01:20AM (3:00) OutKast “So Fresh so Clean” from So Fresh So Clean (Single) 01:20AM-01:23AM (3:00) Mims “why im hot” from why im hot (Single) 01:23AM-01:26AM (3:00) Baby Cham “Ghetto Pledge” from Ghetto Pledge (Single) 01:26AM-01:29AM (3:00) Baby Cham “ghetto story remix” from ghetto story remix (Single) 01:29AM-01:32AM (3:00) Mulange “tricken if you got it” from tricken if you got it (Single) 01:32AM-01:35AM (3:00) Luniz “5 On It (Remixx)” from 5 On It (Remixx) (Single) 01:35AM-01:38AM (3:00) Lost Boys “Jeeps 1
10% per annum 1
11 1
135 at 15%). Mathematically 1
135 gained from borrowers over the 30 year period only $10 1
135 greater) based on a nominal rate of 15% (vastly more if the overpayments on the mortgage were applied entirely to credit card debt). At 6% the foregone interest on the overpayments is only the $662 difference between $9 1
135 less (or investment earnings $519 1
15 1
189.46 1
1920s 1
198 for a $100 1
198 over 30 years. One is 93% more expensive than the other. And the Congress calls it consumer protection! In summary and conclusion 1
198) minus the principal sum loaned ($100 1
198. Now the $171 1
198. What may appear to be a near trivial difference is actually a form of mathematically engineered leverage which increases the total cost of borrowing (cost of the contract) by 93% at a stated interest rate of 15% per annum. A mortgage or any term loan is designed with the monthly payment amount determined so as to be just slightly more than the initial (first month's) interest cost so that the loan will take 30 years (or whatever desired amortization period) to pay off. By using the nominal method 1
1983 1
2 here. How can something as manifestly important as a certain way that financial institutions calculate the amount of interest due from borrowers be recognized and prohibited as criminal fraud in the U.K. 1
2010 We hold these Truths to be self-evident... Tim Madden is an economist with expertise on credit and banking. Tim and I are colleagues in lobbying government for public banking 1
226 or about 2% will find its way into the accounts of depositors. The remaining $509 1
226. The overpayments with interest 1
243 or about $84 million per initial $100 1
264.44 = $455 1
264.44 If you sign in the U.K. you have undertaken to pay $283 1
264.44 If you signed in the U.K. 1
264.44 per month or $171 1
264.44. If interest were at a real 15% per annum 1
264.44. If the lender uses the nominal method 1
264.55 on a $100 1
293 for a $100 1
293 over 18.68 years. If you sign in the U.S. you have undertaken to pay $455 1
436 over 18.68 years but at this higher level the error in the nominal method adds 11.32 extra years to create a debt with total interest payments of $355 1
485 1
4:03 PMLA County Nonpartisan ExaminerCarl Herman Previous Next Comment Subscribe ShareThis We hold these Truths as self-evident... Tim Madden is an economist with expertise on credit and banking. Tim and I are colleagues in lobbying government for public banking 1
5 1
500 to about $23 1
500.34. If the calculations are done correctly 1
500? Does a two and a half times increase in the stated rate from 6% to 15% cause a similar increase in the extra cost from $9 1
550 millions on $1 1
564 and $10 1
564 difference (the Bankers' Bonus) from the use of the nominal method therefore represents a 9% increase in the total dollar cost of borrowing 1
564 increase at 6% 1
564 per $100 1
754.17%) (^ means “raise to the power of”)) [2] The conventional power-of-two exponentiality occurs in this respect based on “calculating semi-annually”. “Calculating monthly” results in a somewhat greater relative error (about 10% per se 1
800 extra cost at 15% 1
800% in terms of extra dollars out of the borrower’s pocket from the math error 1
806 difference represents a 93.68% increase in the total dollar cost of borrowing or 48% of the total interest paid/collected over the 30 year period. The interest cost should be $183 1
806 is simply the sum of the extra 11.32 years worth of payments as if the borrower would otherwise stuff the money into a sock or under a mattress. If the lost opportunity cost is taken into account (i.e. 1
806 per $100 1
806 still owing on the contract after 18.68 years of monthly payments of $1 1
838) minus the principal sum loaned ($100 1
838. The $9 1
863 1
8:08 PMLA County Nonpartisan ExaminerCarl Herman We hold these Truths as self-evident... Tim Madden is an economist with expertise on credit and banking. Tim and I are colleagues in lobbying government for public banking 1
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Lex Coups (Single) 01:38AM-01:41AM (3:00) Notorious B.I.G “one more chance” from one more chance (Single) 01:41AM-01:44AM (3:00) Chingy “Right Thurr” from Right Thurr (Single) 01:44AM-01:47AM (3:00) Kanye West “gold digger” from gold digger (Single) 01:47AM-01:50AM (3:00) Fabolous “You Be Killin Em” from You Be Killin Em (Single) 01:50AM-01:53AM (3:00) Memphis bleek “its alright” from its alright (Single) 01:53AM-01:56AM (3:00) Mad Lion “take it easy” from TAKE IT EASY (Single) 01:56AM-01:59AM (3:00) Plies “becky” from becky (Single) 01:59AM-02:02AM (3:00) Chris Brown “run” from run (Single) 02:02AM-02:05AM (3:00) Khia “My Back 1
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My Neck (Owe Jive Original Version) (Single) 02:05AM-02:08AM (3:00) Ying Yang Twins “wait remix” from wait remix (Single) 02:08AM-02:11AM (3:00) Beanie Man “hmmm hmmm” from hmmm hmmm (Single) 02:11AM-02:14AM (3:00) Usher “yeah” from yeah (Single) 02:14AM-02:17AM (3:00) YUNG NATION “Shawty Wassup” from Shawty Wassup (Single) 02:17AM-02:20AM (3:00) Waka Flocka “no hands” from no hands (Single) 02:20AM-02:23AM (3:00) Ice Cube “Check Yourself” from Check Yourself (Single) 02:23AM-02:26AM (3:00) Beyonce “Crazy in Love” from Crazy in Love (Single) 02:26AM-02:29AM (3:00) Sean Paul “give it up to me” from give it up to me (Single) 02:29AM-02:32AM (3:00) Method Man “method man remix” from method man remix (Single) 02:32AM-02:35AM (3:00) The Diplomats “Dipset Anthem” from Dipset Anthem (Single) 02:35AM-02:38AM (3:00) Juelz Santana “Mic Check” from Mic Check (Single) 02:38AM-02:41AM (3:00) Juelz Santana “who am i” from who am i (Single) 02:41AM-02:44AM (3:00) Choppa Zoe “these niggas aint zow” from these niggas aint zow (Single) 02:44AM-02:47AM (3:00) Camron Ft Juelz Santana “oh boy” from oh boy (Single) 02:47AM-02:50AM (3:00) Camron “what means the world to you” from what means the world to you (Single) 02:50AM-02:53AM (3:00) Fabolous “lifes a bitch freestyle” from lifes a bitch freestyle (Single) 02:53AM-02:56AM (3:00) Kt “last dayz” from last dayz (Single) 02:56AM-02:59AM (3:00) Rude Boi ft kt “back den” from back den (Single) 02:59AM-03:02AM (3:00) Kt “Fuck the Police” from Fuck the Police (Single) 03:02AM-03:05AM (3:00) Liek Baby Ft Kt “Momma Raised Me” from Momma Raised Me (Single) 03:05AM-03:08AM (3:00) Kt “good die young” from Good Die Young (Single) 03:08AM-03:11AM (3:00) Liek Baby ft woop “In the Streets” from In the Streets (Single) 03:11AM-03:14AM (3:00) Hardaway ft woop “thats gangsta” from thats gangsta (Single) 03:14AM-03:17AM (3:00) Mook Boy ft yung bb “juice” from juice (Single) 03:17AM-03:20AM (3:00) Dee Boi “rn it up” from rn it up (Single) 03:20AM-03:23AM (3:00) Big Mall Ft Iceberg “bubble booty” from bubble booty (Single) 03:23AM-03:26AM (3:00) Big Mall Ft Blood Raw “dope boi” from dope boi (Single) 1
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